3 Tips on How to Get Your House Ready to Sell Fast

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We are currently in a super hot Summer and we are not only talking about the weather! Homes are still in hot demand with the average home on the market under 60 days. Even with this hot real estate market, your house could sit longer on the market if you do not show it properly. We have compiled a list of helpful hints to help you prepare your home for sale and get top dollar on your offers! You can get the tips below.

De-clutter and Clean Your Space:
Look around your home and start cleaning up your space and free up stacks of paper and trash. Use a more minimal approach to your house. Start packing away your more personal items and leave small traces of decor and color around the house. Focus on main points of each room and focus on playing up the room features. Remove unnecessary items off of counter tops, dressers, walls and tables. Clean up your surroundings and make sure it is a nice clean flow of space. People cannot imagine their stuff in your home if you have a space that is junky and cluttered.

Take Care of Small Home Maintenance:
Look around your house and take stock of your carpet conditions and flooring. Make sure your carpets are clean and free of stains. Hire a professional company to clean your car if necessary. Check over your walls, grout on tile floors, base boards and ceiling fans. Clean all areas of dust, grime and dirt. If you have pets, make sure your house of free of dust, pet hair and dander. Spray for bugs and make sure your house is critter free.

Nothing more unappealing than seeing bugs or dead bugs laying around a house you want to buy. Make sure your home smells clean and fresh. Take care of cat boxes and dog messes in the yard. You want to create a welcoming and clean environment for future home owners.

Be Ready to Show Your Place:
When you are selling your home you should expect realtors to call you unexpectedly to show your house. Be prepared for this and ready to exit quickly when needed. The number one way to not sell your home in this market is to not let real estate agents do showings! Yes, you would be surprised how many times home owners blow opportunities by not being available to have showings.

Nothing makes people move faster to another listing than a picky, hard to deal with homer owner who isn't willing to show their house. So be ready to move out of your house for  an hour or so when a Realtor calls to see your place. Be open to having your agent hose open houses to bring more people to your listing.

If you are in the market to sell your home please feel free to reach out to us for assistance. You can contact us here.