5 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home in Top Shape

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Buying a home is one of the most expensive and major life purchases a person can make. Keeping your home running in tip top shape is the best way to avoid huge home repairs from creeping up on you! We have compiled a list of the top 5 home repairs you should do on your home maintenance routine. Keeping your home in shape will help you to preserve the quality of your home and help you to avoid costly home repairs.

5 Home Maintenance Tips

1.) Plumbing-

Plumbing can be one of those things that creep up on you unexpectedly. Keep your drains, clear from clogs and avoid hair clogs. Use hair catchers in your sinks and showers to help avoid the excess build up of hair from getting into your drains. Fix all slow drains immediately and not wait until you have a full blown clog. Do not pour sticky liquids down your drains. Fix leaky faucets to avoid the loss of water and the added costs this can cause. Clean out your septic system yearly and avoid flushing items that are not flush-able to avoid major issues with your plumbing.

2.) Paint-

Keeping your interior and exterior paint up to date is really important. Small chips and weathering can cause big damages later if not addressed. Every year you should inspect your home and do spot clean ups where neccessary. A lot of people wait until they sell to paint the entire house and that can be a very costly update and repair. By checking your home every few years and keeping up the quality of the paint will help you in the future. Keep the name of the paint and extra paint in your garage so you can update where needed.

3.) Pest Control-

Keep your home and yard free of pests! Ants, bees, mice, roaches and termites can do major harm to your home and yard. Pest control if not addressed can become quite costly to solve once the problem has gotten out of hand. Termites is the number one enemy to home owners. This can cause serious damage to your home. Always inspect your home and keep it clean and free of pests.

4.) Water Leaks-

Water leaks can be a very costly repair and do major damage to your home. If not addressed quickly it can become a nightmare and cost you more than you realized. Leaky pipes and water damage can deteriorate your home so be sure to keep water leaks up to date. Do not wait until you have leaky ceilings and floors damaged by water. Address the leak source immediately and routinely check pipes, faucets etc.

5.) Home Filters-

Replacing your home HVAC filters twice a year is essential for your home heaters and ac to run at their best. Failure to clean and change out your filters can cause your heater and ac unit to not run at their most efficient and hit you in the pocket book. Keep your filters changed out and cleaned to have your appliances run safely and smoothly.