5 Home Problems Buyers Should Look For

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When buying a resale home you need to do your due diligence and make sure your home is inspected for the top 5 common home problems. Older homes can have many hidden issues that are hard to find unless you hire a professional real estate agent and home inspector.

It is crucial that before you sign the dotted line you have checked for all the areas that can need attention in your new potential home. Below is a list of the top 5 common home problems and what to check for when purchasing a resale home.  

The Top 5 Home Problems Buyers Should Look For When Buying a Home


1.) Roof Issues-

Roofing issues can be very costly to repair but are very important to keep in good shape. When buying a home ask how old the roof is and if it is possible to get a new roof. Most homeowners will not purchase a new roof if they still have some years left on it. Make sure your inspector thoroughly inspects it and you have all of the warranty information. Know all the facts about the roof and when it will need to be replaced.

2.) Electrical Wiring-

Older homes can have a lot of wiring issues, make sure your new home is up to date with wiring codes. With all of the new electrical appliances, we use in our homes. You need to make sure your outlets and brakers can handle all of the load. Fuses can break and cause major damage in your home and be very costly to fix.

3.) Heat and Cooling Systems(HVAC)-

Make sure your home hvac is up to date, replacing your boiler or ac can be a very unpleasant and expensive task. Make sure your boiler is up to date and ask questions regarding your ac. These are important to know about before you buy the home.

4.) Plumbing-

Older homes can have bad pipes or septic systems. Be sure to check all plumbing issues with faucets and flushing. Check for pipe corrosion and other issues that can cause you to have major issues later. Tree roots and weathering can affect your plumbing. Have your inspector check this out and all other issues that can cause plumbing problems for your home.

5.) Pest Control-

You need to check your home for termites, bees, roaches, mice, and ants. These pests can be a real nuisance and you do not want to buy a home and have an infestation. They can cause a lot of damage and you want to make sure your home is free and clear of these pests. Termites are the number one pest you need to check for since they can cause the most damage to your home.

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