5 Home Safety Tips to Keep Burglars Away

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Spring has sprung, the nice weather floating in your home and you are tempted to leave your windows open and get in some fresh air. This is the time of year that burglars tend to hit homes the most. Being secure and safe in your home is something that everyone needs to know about. You can see these valuable tips below.

1.) Check Your Home for Weak Spots
Knowing your home and surroundings is important for security and peace of mind. Check your windows, back doors, garages and front porch area. Make sure all areas are visible so you can see out. Also check the locks on all windows and doors. Check to see that they are all working with no threats to entry.

2.) Proper Lighting
Having good home lighting is another security area to keep in good working condition. Check your interior doorway lights in your home entry. Keep a light on near the front entrance so when you come home at night, you can see in your home and not enter into the dark. For your home exterior, check your outdoor lights above the garage, front and back porch. Set your home lights to a timer to have your home well light at night. You can install motion sensor lights to come on at night and turn bright when there is outside movement. This can help to deter burglars due to them being seen in a brightly lighted area.

3.) Install Security Alarm and Cameras
Having a good security system in place can seem very daunting and expensive. But there are many DIY solutions for cameras that can be placed easily in your yard that run on batteries and can be seen on software downloaded to your phone. There are many security companies that offer cameras for inside as well as outside your home that you can monitor on your cellphone.  Another popular option is the smart doorbell. This allows you to see who is at your door even if you do not answer it. You get notified when packages are dropped off or if someone is lurking on your patio. These smart doorbells are also very economical.

4.) Have Someone House Sit When You Are Away
If you are going out of town, have a friend or neighbor keep an eye on your place. Make sure your newspapers, packages and mail do not pile up outside.  Keep your car if possible parked in the driveway. This will look like you are home and not away or out of town.

5.) Monitor Your Home Security and Neighborhood Watch Groups
Monitoring you home cameras on a regular basis to see if you have any attempted burglaries, or see strange people lurking about at night. Your Smart doorbell can also record and show you the late night activity that is happening outside your door. Join your neighborhood watch group or even a neighborhood group on Facebook. A lot of times your neighbors will post about home break ins, cars being vandalized or strange people to look out for in the neighborhood.

By being aware of your surroundings, your neighborhoods and keeping your home secure will help keep your home from being a target to home burglars.