6 Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School

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Back to school is around the corner and sneaking up on us as we speak! So many things to do to prepare for back to school shopping for supplies, picking up new class schedules and of course back to school clothes shopping!

Kids have a hard time winding down from the summer fun and are not ready for the grind of school classes and homework. Below are six tips on how to get your children prepared for back to school.

6 Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for Back to School:

1.) Sleeping Schedules– one or two weeks before school starts you will want to get your kids used to a new sleeping schedule. So start having your kids go to bed sooner in the evenings and get them up earlier in the mornings. This will help them adjust to a new sleep pattern and will make your school mornings go smoother.

2.) School Supplies and Materials- Each school usually sends out a list of essential school supplies for each student. Make sure you are aware of all necessary items and have all of the correct supplies before school starts.

3.) Back to School Clothes–  All schools will let you know if they have a required dress uniform or dress code. Check that you fully understand all of the dress code guidelines so you can purchase the proper clothes for school.

4.) Backpacks for Success- After you have purchased all of the necessary school supplies for your children. Sit down and organize all of the classroom folders and supplies neatly into their backpack. Let your child know what supplies they have for what class so they are prepared for their first day.

5.) School Lunches– Determining what your child will eat for lunch is essential before you start school. Decide if your child will be bringing a home lunch or eating at the school. Some schools may require you to purchase a lunch card ahead of time. Have your food items already planned and ready to go.

6.)School Transportation– Plan how your children are going to get to and from school. Whether it is public school bus, car pool or a parent. Having a solid transportation plan is key. Your children should always know who is dropping them off or picking them up. Also telling your kids the drop off or pick up times is important as well for safety.