Five DIY Home Improvements You Can Do On A Budget

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Do you want to add some fresh new things to your home without having to hire a contractor and wreck the bank? The August Free Press did an article on 5 easy DIY projects that you can do yourself on a small budget. These five tips can really add a lot of value and improve your home appearance. Check out these five tips below here:

1) Crown Molding: It is a simple and beautiful way to make your walls look elegant. Crown molding comes in a variety of designs. A little spray paint can add the color of your choice to each piece of molding.

Installing crown molding is very easy. Polystyrene foam coated in plaster is the best material for molding. It also eliminates the need for a handyman to install the molding. All you need is:

Measuring tape
Knife or blade

2) Paint the cabinets: Your kitchen has started to look dull because you haven’t been paying attention to the cabinets. If the color of your cabinets is dark and summer is around the corner, it is time to get busy. If your cabinets are lighter in color and fall is on the way, you can opt for darker colors to match the seasonal look. All you need is:

Piece of cloth
Paint rollers
Paint (color of your choice)
Elbow grease
What you don’t need is a lot of money for this improvement. Most of the items can be easily found in your storeroom, so you only have to invest in the paint. The DIY will cost you nothing compared to the cost of a new cabinet set.

3) Use coupon codes: If you are not using coupon codes before making purchases, you are literally giving away money that you can be securely put away in savings. Most coupons websites cover large retailers like IKEA, Macy’s, Target and Amazon. Here’s how you can get the best coupons on any website:

Know your frequent stores
Stock before you have to shop
Check expiry dates
Get multiple copies
Know your price points

4) Bathroom Caulk: If you have started hating your bathroom tiles and can’t afford a new makeover, don’t lose hope. Sometimes, the yellowy look of old tile caulk in the bathroom doesn’t look pleasing to the eye.

The brittle cracks in tile caulk can invite critters, which is displeasing for homeowners. If you have tile caulk anywhere in the house (sinks, bathroom, garden), you can revamp it for only $10. It will take an hour on a weekday or weekend to fix the tiles. However, you need to apply the new caulk in the right way, or you will have to do the whole project again. Items you will need for this project.

Caulk coat
3M Caulk Remover
Utility knife or blade
Toothpaste to remove any scraps
Alcohol or any cleaner
Soap and grease remover

5) Change the flooring: Change the flooring in your house to clean the mud spots and add a pleasing touch to any room. Vinyl tiles are ideal for fixing the flooring in any room. They are available in 12×12 inches in a variety of colors and patterns. You can put self-adhesive tiles on floors for a professional finish. Tools you will need to do this project.

Measuring Tape
For more home improvement tips visit the Augusta Press Website here.