It’s All About The Staging Tips To Stage Your Home

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When you are selling your home it is important to remove clutter and an over abundance of personal items. Having your home "show well" can make or break your home from selling fast. You do not want a completely empty home as that is not an inviting way to showcase your house. Prospective home buyers want to be able to visualize themselves in your home and having furniture placed in a staged fashion will help this.

You can leave a few key pieces in place to showcase your home and how the room looks with some home accents used to display your unique home space. Realtybiznews, did a story on tips and tricks to stage your home to sell. You can see some of the tips below.

Clean up

It should go without saying that cleaning up your home is essential, whether or not you’re selling it. However, there’s a difference between cleaning up dirt and picking up debris and cleaning up for a showing. For the latter, you really need to make your house look immaculate. You can start off by doing an initial cleaning to get things looking orderly. Then, you need to make the harder decisions. How can you make your home look more elegant?

Maybe you can get rid of some tacky decorations in your bathroom. Maybe you can take down paintings that are cluttering the walls. Think like someone who is buying a home and remember that some sacrifices are necessary.


You don’t just need these for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Flowers can immensely add to the appeal of a room and home. Look for a colorful bouquet that will stand out as soon as visitors enter. It shouldn’t be so loud that it’s impossible to focus on anything else, though. Go to a florist and ask for their opinion on which flowers will work best for your intentions.


Use a few key pieces in each room, a sofa, side table, bed fully dressed with comforter and pillows, dinning table and small accents. You can leave a carpet, lamp and some vases of flowers etc. Just enough to make a room look inviting and not bare and empty. Do not clutter the room but simple arrange key pieces to create ambience for the room.

Focal Points & Accents

Use the focal point of the room to add in some small minor accents to showcase the room. Fireplace mantel, dinning room, patio and front porch. Set up a small sitting area on the patio, place a vase of flowers on fireplace mantel, use a nice dinning table to showcase the room and etc. Small details to display the main points of each room is all you need.
To get more staging tips for your home you can check out the Realty Biz News article here.