Springtime Home Maintenance Tips

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Spring is here and now is the time to clean out those areas of your home that you have been neglecting. Home requires maintenance and Springtime is a great time to catch up!  You can keep your house running in top shape by doing some of these April home maintenance tips below.

1.) Change Out Your HVAC Air Filter-
New season means new air filter. Good to replace with a new one to reduce airborne allergens. This will also help you to save money on your electric bill and help your ac to pump in clean air.

Hot weather is coming and with that the need to run your ac unit 24/7. In order for your ac to run at full capacity, have your coils cleaned. This will add years to your unit and will keep it running all summer long. If you are unsure of how to do it, there are many diy videos or you can call in a professional. This service is usually very affordable and a lot cheaper than having to replace your ac unit.

3.) Critter and Termite Inspections-
Be on the look out for termites, ants, squirrels and other critters that can enter your home and cause problems. Termites can be a very costly and huge home repair issue if left unchecked. Ants in the yard, squirrels in the attic can chew through wires etc. Both of these can really cause you more headaches in the future if you are not working on it now. Take stock of your yard, attic, garage and basement. Places that are hard to see and look for any signs of these things. Make sure to spray your home and yard on a regular basis. Keep wires secure and keep a watchful eye out. Nothing worse than surprise bug infestations or termite damage to your home!

4.) Power Wash-
Power washing off your deck, patios and home exteriors can keep your home looking clean and fresh. Wind, rain and dust can add up the amount of grime on your outside living spaces. Keeping it clean and fresh, will add years to your home paint and help to keep your house curb side appeal looking brand new.

5.) Clean Out Gutters-
Clean out your rooftop gutters and rake up leaves and debris. Springtime brings lots of wind and April showers. Keep on top of gutters so they will not get clogged. This should be done every season to make sure they are working properly.

6.) Pantry and Fridge Clean out-
Clean out your pantry and fridge in the kitchen. Throw away old expired food and wipe down the cabinets with a good cleaning solution. Check for open packages and make sure you store your food in air tight containers. Wipe down and wash refrigerator shelves and produce drawers. Throw out your old food and keep your food fresh and wrapped up to reduce spoil. Clean out the freezer and ice cube trays. Place some baking soda in the door of your fridge to keep odors at bay.

7.) Clean Out Closets-
Go through your closets and get rid of old clothes, shoes, purses and other items you are no longer using. Clean out dresser drawers and donate all of the items you no longer use. Having a clean and organized bedroom will help you sleep better at night. Buy matching hangers and organize your items in groups to help you manage your clothes and accessories better. By getting rid of clutter you will make keeping your closet and dresser drawers easier to maintain.