The 6 Most Effective Solutions Home Security Tips

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Home security is something that many home owners overlook when they are buying a home. Mortgage Reports did a report on the 6 most effective solutions for home security. You can see the tips below.

1.) Fit Grade- Deadbolts To Your Exterior Doors.

2.) Install window locks that keep your windows closed or window stops that prevent them being opened more than a few inches.

3.) Have a burglar alarm installed — One offering a monitoring service is a much bigger deterrent but will mean a monthly subscription

4.) Team up with your neighbors for mutual security support — Even if there’s no formal Neighborhood Watch program in place, you can make an informal pact to keep an eye on one another's homes

5.) Have a neighbor collect your mail and papers for you and put out your trash whenever you’re away. If you’ll be gone a longer period of time, you can stop your mail delivery or forward it

6.) Install external lights and monitoring systems that trigger motion censors in your yard.

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